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At Tinymesh, we're innovating how utilities and cities can progress to the next level with our technology because this fuels our purpose and ignites our passion.

Remote monitoring, data collection and control

Tinymesh provides complete end-to-end wireless network infrastructure solutions for remote monitoring, data collection and control of almost anything, almost anywhere.

Our unique wireless mesh networks are designed to truly do more with less, with the end-user, real-world applications and a greener planet always in mind.

Tinymesh networks are self-healing, self-forming and self-optimizing mutli-hop wireless mesh networks for global wireless bands.

Our total product range encompasses wireless hardware, software, network tools and cloud services. Operating in the Indian energy metering and smart streetlight market segments since 2012, Tinymesh has established a portfolio of products and services meeting the specific needs of our Indian clientele.

Our Indian offerings include network design, operations and maintenance for smart street lighting and IS16444 compliant solutions, with end-to end connectivity from energy meter to utility back-end.

Smart Electricity Metering

Tinymesh Smart Meter

Choose between our TinySIX Communications Protocol Stack, purpose built to meet the special 6LoWPAN requirements for Smart Meters in India (IS 16444 ), or the original, universal Tinymesh Communications Protocol Stack built for use with Smart Meters anywhere in the world.

  • Tinymesh can interface directly to an energy meter's serial port – allowing meters to go online with minimal effort.
  • DLMS over RF is supported from the energy meter to the Head End System API.
  • Tinymesh hardware is carefully engineered for optimized resistance against high voltage and jammer tampering attacks.

Smart Street Lighting

Tinymesh is ideal for street lighting applications where large numbers of message hops, connection redundancy and multi-Gateway support are required for reliable operation.

With built-in configurable I/O and PWM dimming, Tinymesh provides a fully embedded control and monitoring solution;

  • Set light dimming as a percentage value to the PWM output.
  • Control on and off switching with a digital output.
  • Monitor power level and tamper attempts directly with alarm-triggered inputs.
  • Observe temperature and operational voltage with integration-ready Tinymesh.
Smart Street Lighting

Smart Cities


Tinymesh comes in low power, high power and ultra narrow band variants.

The combination of the self forming and self healing Tinymesh network features, and the long range and high power RF design quality makes it a perfect match for demanding, high volume applications - anywhere.

Tinymesh is field-proven in large scale daily use, on three continents, in multiple use-case scenarios

Industrial IoT

Unlike other mesh network technologies, Tinymesh comes pre-configured and ready to deploy out of the box.

The powerful Tinymesh command structure and interfacing capabilities enables the design engineer to establish a fully functional network with minimal effort, and without spending resources on RF and network design.

Tinymesh has been perfected for easy and effective large volume deployment,

Modern cityscape and wireless sensor network

Anywhere in the world

World united

Tinymesh's unique, two-way wireless RF communication uses license free wavebands from 169 MHz to 2.4GHz to suit operating requirements anywhere in the world.

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