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Environmental Social and Governance

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Tinymesh Connected Smart Energy Meters

  • Lowers AT&C losses with:
    • Automatic data collection free from error-prone manual data entry
    • Energy theft and tampering detection
    • Remote disconnection of non-paying users
  • Enables Demand Side Management - helping power plants operate more efficiently at a stable load with reduced GHG emissions.
  • Encourages local solar and wind power generation by enabling consumer net-metering.
Electric power meter measuring power usage with High voltage post. Watt hour electric meter measurement tool.

Tinymesh Connected Smart Street Lighting

  • Cuts energy consumption with demand-managed on/off and dimming controls.
  • Eliminates requirement for extensive manual inspection to identify maintenance needs.
  • Remote monitoring capability with real-time alerts and status reports enables highly efficient, targeted corrective action and servicing.
  • Lowers operating cost by enabling planned and preventative maintenance based on factual status, operating data, and actual remaining life-expectancy.
  • Improves public safety by enabling on-demand lighting without excessive energy consumption.
Street lamp

Sustainable Balance Sheets Enable Modernization & Growth

The operational benefits of Tinymesh contributes to improved balance sheets for DISCOMs. This in turn enables further investment in technology and upgrades for better performance in power generation, transmission and distribution that impact reduced GHG emissions locally and globally.


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