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At Tinymesh, we're innovating how utilities and cities can progress to the next level with our technology because this fuels our purpose and ignites our passion.

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High-quality and cost-competitive connectivity solutions for scalable deployment.

We are proud of our proven technology & wireless expertise.

World class wireless solutions

Tinymesh is designed to enable superior Smart Metering, Smart Street Lighting, Smart City applications and Industrial IoT.

Tinymesh has been perfected for easy and effective large volume deployment, offering high performance and reliability in demanding conditions.

Tinymesh is proven in large scale daily use on three continents.

Today more than TWO MILLION field deployed products are leveraging Tinymesh technology.

Made in India - with Norwegian Quality - for global markets

Highly effective, lean and cost-competitive solutions:

We are a team of international experts based out of India and Norway to support our clientele.

Our products and operational services are supported by an efficient supply chain and local support teams.

For the Indian market, we also offer TinySIX - an IPv6 based 6LoWPAN mesh solution for IS16444 smart energy metering.

Best in Industry

We are industry leader in low power wireless communication for Industrial IoT applications.

Official marketplace for green tech from Norway.

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