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At Tinymesh, we're innovating how utilities and cities can progress to the next level with our technology because this fuels our purpose and ignites our passion.

Transforming the way services are offered and managed

As a leading RF mesh technology company, we offer a range of wireless communication solutions to enable smart metering, street lighting and Industrial IoT applications. We also work closely with OEMs and system integrators.

Tinymesh offers a complete, uncomplicated and cost-effective connectivity solution that provides a robust wireless network infrastructure. This high-performance wireless network infrastructure can be utilized for remote monitoring, data collection and control of almost anything, almost anywhere.

Our solutions are transforming the way services are offered and managed in real life scenarios in leading economies as well as developing economies. Our solutions can be deployed rapidly with simple integration in new or existing products and systems. Our solutions are future-proofed and easy to deploy, manage and upgrade.

Our field proven solutions enable utility companies and municipal corporations around the globe to harness the value of smart technology.



A standards based wireless mesh platform for Smart Metering.


TinySIX is a 6LoWPAN wireless mesh network solution, comprising the high performance TinySIX Network Interface Card and a complete suite of software for connecting smart energy meters to a utility's back end services. TinySIX is compliant to the Indian IS16444 smart energy metering standards.

The TinySIX Network Interface Card (NIC) integrates in the end device, enabling automatic connection of OEM products to a self-forming, private and secure wireless IPv6 network of devices.


  • Sub 1GHz, Self-forming, self-healing and self-optimizing 6LoWPAN mesh
  • RPL routing
  • IS16444 compliant
  • Firmware over the Air (FOTA)
  • AES128 encryption with support for multiple security keys
  • IEEE 802.15.4.g compliance

TinySIX Turn-key Operational Services

As a service to our Indian clientele, we offer complete turn-key design, deployment and operational services for TinySIX networks.

The complete smart metering solution includes Data Concentrator Units and Routers, Head End System, Network Management System and Meter Data Acquisition System. These solutions can be integrated with existing meter data management infrastructure at the utility.


A field-proven wireless mesh solution for metering, street lighting and IoT applications.

Tinymesh board

Tinymesh is a self-forming, self-healing multi-hop wireless mesh network stack, provided in a variety of hardware platforms with a selection of radio performance and form factor alternatives suitable for the license free global ISM bands. Tinymesh networks are supported by the Tinymesh Secure Cloud Service, offering secure and reliable connectivity from end device to a REST API.

Tinymesh Network Interface Cards (NIC) easily integrate in OEM products to make them intelligent and form a powerful Tinymesh Multi-hop Wireless Mesh Network. The Tinymesh NIC includes a suite of remote I/O control options and operating modes for effortless integration to end products without need for external MCU.


  • Field Proven Tinymesh Networking and application stack
  • Self -Forming, Self-Healing, Self-Optimizing mesh, or Point to Point communication
  • Supports DLMS data over RF
  • Configurable operating modes: Gateway, Router or Sleeping End Point
  • Up to 8 GPIO’s -Analog, Digital and pulse counter inputs, dimmer and digital outputs
  • AES128 encryption
  • IEEE 802.15.4.g compatible PHY mode
  • Support for NIC in multiple form factors, frequency bands and output power

TinyMESH Turn-key Operational Services

As a service to our Indian clients we offer turn-key design, deployment and operational services for TinyMESH networks. This solution is operated using the Tinymesh Secure Cloud Service, a suite of data handling and internet tools for easy integration to web and networked applications.

Tinymesh Secure Cloud Service

Products with Tinymesh installed can be seamlessly integrated with the Tinymesh Secure Cloud Service.

  • Designed to simplify interfacing to servers and databases
  • Eliminates many implementation problems and operational costs
  • Facilitates two-way communication with products with Tinymesh installed
  • Includes a REST API for interfacing your applications
  • Includes versatile Workbench for remote configuration and network support
  • Facilitates End-to-End encrypted data transport
  • Facilitates over-the-air firmware upgradeability for products with Tinymesh installed
  • Includes database storage.

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