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Leading the World in RF Communications

Norway has a long history of leading the world in RF communications technology and a strong research and development community centered around this. Over the last decade our team has made significant contributions with new concepts and developments, and our company and solutions have made their mark, receiving important accolades and awards.

Long Track Record

Thorstein Tønnesseon, Founder & CEO
Thorstein Tønnesseon, Founder, CEO and Lead Developer at Tinymesh

A perfect pedigree for success

Advanced Access Control Systems

The origins of the ideas behind Tinymesh, and our quest to find easier and smarter ways to enable "things" to communicate what they can sense or measure, can be traced back a long way. They are rooted in the requirements the international hotel industry had in the late 1970's for establishing a reliable communications platform for the world’s first electronic hotel guest room door lock and security system. The original forerunner to world’s market leading electronic hotel keycard operated locks and security system, called VingCard, was invented by Mr. Tor Sornes in Norway. At that time he was also mentor to Thorstein Tønnesson, who later became the founder of Tinymesh.

Solid Design Philosophy

What was established back then was a simple and watertight philosophy for reliable electronic design. This design philosophy has been a guiding star for the subsequent design and development of a number of communication platforms by Thorstein Tønnesson. These became the stepping stones leading to the concepts and ambitions behind the development of Tinymesh Technology.

Fitness for Purpose

Tinymesh is designed specifically for applications such as Smart Metering, Smart Street Lighting, Smart Cities and Industrial IoT, where there is a need for two-way communication to transport short, technical messages, such as control commands, instructions, conditional responses, metered data, measurements and other types of information.

Innovator of the Year Award

Tinymesh was named "Innovator of the Year" in 2014. It is a Norwegian award for significant contribution to innovation in the field of energy and/or IT. The jury reasoned: Tinymesh has developed a wireless communication solution that makes sensors and devices talk together. This is often referred to as the "Internet of things" and has considerable national and international commercial potential both in the energy and IT sectors.

Green Technology Nomination

Tinymesh was nominated for the Rosing Prize for Smart IT in 2012. The award is given by The Norwegian Computer Society to companies that excel in the fields of Security, Usability, Creativity and Smart IT. In Smart IT the jury emphasizes work where technology is an important prerequisite for energy efficiency or optimization of energy consumption, enabling improvement of existing processes or creating new or more sustainable businesses and processes.

Award for Excellence & Innovation

Tinymesh won the “Excellence & Innovation” award the same year the company was founded, in 2011. The award was made by Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. It supports companies in developing their competitive advantage and to enhance innovation. They summed up their decision in the statement "Tinymesh is perfectly timed for a rapidly expanding global market, demanding inexpensive RF communication between technical devices".

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We have established a team of experts and fully scalable, lean production in India. Our scalability in production and deployment means we are ready and able to meet not only today's requirements, but also the huge growth foreseen for smart products and our solutions. Our set up of high-quality manufacturing is inline with the “Make in India” initiative to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub.

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